Salt Collective

Salt Collective is a three-headed artist collective centred around salt, the crystalline mineral essential for the empowerment of life in general. Although the subject is approached both methodically and conceptually, essentially the same matter is being studied from different perspectives. We combine our different professional backgrounds, ranging from photography and fine art to architecture and curatorship. Through exchanges, collaborations and working in different cultural contexts and locations, we not only share knowledge and artistic methods, but are also part of an international network that we enjoy introducing to each other.
The collaborative practice involves a consistent search for the universal connection of two opposites, related to geographical, philosophical and infrastructural relationships. These opposites are also present in the matter we explore, as salt simultaneously provides and destroys, grows and dissolves. We want to bring these dualisms together by showing its infinite movements, infrastructures and traditions. By doing so, our works exist within a transformative cycle and together show the many stories of origins, ongoing relationships - such as climate change - and other entangled ways of being. The media used range from photography to installation, but collectively we question how transformation can be documented.​​​​​​​
We think it is important to state that it is not preservation where we are interested in; it is about documentation. We find that preserving transformation is perverse. Moments of transformation contain the capacity to take a new course, and these can be welcomed or rejected, but cannot be stopped or preserved. Documentation, on the other hand, provides an adequate record of condition, treatment and requirements; by showing what actions have taken place, ways to future scenarios can open up
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