Jaakko Heikinheimo (FIN)

The approach to my practice has always been the same: Finding material or an object and recontextualising it. I always wanted to become an architect, and so I did, but controversially, rather than adding something new, I ended up focusing on what was there already, between the buildings and their dwellers. Any material or an object has always a history, a background which can create a strong personal value after its being found. For me, this fascination towards the provenance started as a kid, when I moved to France and reached all kinds of lost artefacts from the streets. By bringing those ‘‘object trouvé’’ to my room, I was able to put myself as a part of their history, leaving my own trace to them. Still, my primary purpose is affecting, impacting and modifying the present and future of an object or entity, to recontextualise its use, re-estab- lishing its current function to something new, to which I would then give a highly aesthetic value, by my personal ranking. Regarding my practice in art, I do not have a specific medium, although I enjoy certain types of tactility, weight and smell in whatever would be in process. I do no’t prevent myself from buying the needed components either, if that is what requires me to move on. I think that my thoughts related partly to the trends of the 1960’s Fluxus movement. I enjoy the transactions happening between peoples' habitats, for example in the form of the postal services or waste management.

I have been working around different projects related to postal art for the past years now where the chronology of the ownership, custody or location play a major role. For instance ‘‘Post to myself 2017-present’’ and ‘‘Write Me a Love Letter, Send Me Anything 2020-present.

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