Myriam Gras
In an attempt to identify site-specific narratives and knowledge systems that are foundational to society at large, I question the notion of what humans consider valuable without taking a moral stance. My focus is on site-specific infrastructures and movements, because it is there that different entities intersect and influence each other. By observing carefully and listening slowly, narratives of ecological transformation, labour-driven production systems and transnational movements unfold. 

A relational and process-based approach to matter plays an integral role. I use material in ways that highlight the intrinsic values and sensitivities of these fluid connections, putting my work in a literal and metaphorical state of becoming. The work is based on facts and research, but is transported into the realm of imagination. Is there any other value that matter possesses?

My practice meanders through various mediums and disciplines and includes photography, sculpture and installation as means to research and document transformation.

Much like sand, salt goes all over the world. I will derive from the infrastructures related to the nearby salt march; a rare coastal wetland phenomena that are flooded and drained by salt water brought in by the tides. They hold great value as blue carbon stocks for their capacity to store carbon within the plants and in the sediments below, and are thereby considered a key component of nature-based solutions to climate change.
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