Niklas Sandström (FIN) 

As I have spent most of my life on and by the sea, the sea itself has become a recurring theme in my art, which mainly revolves around photography. My work features familiar elements relating to the sea and is often presented in an unconventional way, as dimensions, compositions and conceptual ideas are played with, leaving room for the viewer’s interpretation. I am increasingly interested in both my subjective relationship to the sea and a more objective understanding of the sea as a quintessential element in our existence. Recently I’ve been working with themes related to the tide; the constant ebb and flow of the ocean provides an endless source of inspiration to me as I observe the ocean gently but confidently alter the shoreline. 

I work with both analogue and digital photography, and I am also developing a method of approaching my chosen theme through moving image and sound. For our upcoming Salt Collective exhibition I will be documenting the extreme tidal forces of the west coast of Scotland, creating images to tell a story full of contradiction; one where time is simultaneously moving and standing still.
The Tide
Photograph. Ink on Japanese Washi 810 x 1100 mm
Niklas Sandström, 2022
All rights reserved 2022